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Armand's salad style

Armand Arnal , often called < The prince of plants > is a famous Michelin-starred chef in Arles, south of France. Armand, who loves vegetables, has a seasonal and light cuisine. The healthy and fresh salads he creates have become his signature in our restaurant.

Armand Arnal

Armand Arnal

Armand Arnal was born in 1977 in Montpellier, France.
He always has been surrounded by vegetables thanks to his grand-father who was selling vegetables on markets in Montpellier.
He moved to New York in 1998 after learning patisserie because he wanted more freedom.
He then started working with Alain Ducasse, who won three Michelin stars at the youngest age in history.
After working 6 years by Alain Ducasse’s side in “Essex New York”, he decided to go back to France in 2006 to start his own business.
He became the grand chef in La Chassagnette, a restaurant located in Arles, Camargue, in the south of France. He won one Michelin star and has been keeping it until now.
He identifies himself as a “Vegetable chef“.
He has his own organic field in his restaurant La Chassagnette and decides the menu daily depending on what vegetables or fruits are ready to be picked.

Confort & Gastronomie

Hibiya Palace’s chef only uses fresh vegetables from farms we have contracts with,
so he is always sure of the quality of the products at any time.
Our chefs then cook with all these good vegetables with all their heart.
At Hibiya Palace, we guarantee you the quality of our products, as well as Hibiya Park's essence through our cooking.

Matsumoto Tatsuya

― Head Chef ―
Matsumoto Tatsuya

Born in Saitama in 1987, he starts studying in guest houses and restaurants in both the Tokyo and Nagano areas. He starts working in 2015 at La Chassagnette under michelin chef Armand Arnal in Arles, France. In 2017 he's featured in the Gault et Millau guide as maison PREMIERE Head chef. In 2020 he becomes Hibiya Palace's head chef.

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Business hours

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